Monday, June 15, 2009

According to the plan, or is it otherwise?

I never thought I will become a Speech Pathologist. There, its out in the open and I am not ashamed to say it! I never in my wildest dreams thought that one day my career will be that of a speech pathologist. Maybe one cannot dream of something if they aren't even aware of it subconsciously. However, here I am working on my PhD to become an expert in Communication Sciences and disorders. I can never relate myself to my profession. However, I am always on my toes waiting for that relativity to strike me and that's when I get excited.

I always wanted to join the Forces. I dont know why I never thought about doing anything else. However oppurtunity never really knocked my doors on that front. I never wanted to be a "Doctor", an "Engineer" or as a matter of fact a "MBA"! I neither had the aptitude for that, nor the interest to be one of the mass. But things never really go according to the plan. Which brings me to the main topic of my thought- Is there truly a plan that you are capable of executing with the best of your knowledge?

I guess the answer is "Maybe". Like every other philosophical topic there can ever be, this too is a "Maybe". I never planned to go to SVPT for my junior college, never planned to meet Purnima, never thought I would land in the US and never imagined getting married to Purnima! I guess where I am in life right now was not what I had planned for at all. But this is where an individual gets a choice- a choice to either complain or a choice to enjoy. Today I chose to enjoy because (touch wood) I am glad things didnt work out the way I planned!! I can only continue to pray that The One who is taking care of my lifecar shall continue to smile on one of his lambs. I hope He or She knows that I am grateful to Him or Her for his givings.

A note to people who may read this- If things don't go according to the way you plan, the wisest thing to do then is to keep quiet and be flexible. Its one of the best ways to get out of the situation feeling good about yourself!



the golden touch said...

Dear Amit,
I can exactly relate to what you have written. The bigger plan that He has is always better that our plan. A few year back when i read Da Vinci Code i thought the plot was similar to my life. In the beginning you have no clue what is going on, its so confusing, mysterious, but according to the bigger plan nothing is out of place. A series of codes in the book that initially seem random later on make perfect sense. I had been worried about certain things happening (or even not happening in my life) But i slowly realized that that every random event, meeting vishal, getting married, moving to pune, staying away from the city, getting a cat, each and every thing is just what i always wanted but never knew. All the way long i was looking for something else. Its oly up to us to trust His 'master plane' and move along enjoying life.

Apparently intellectual said...

Haha! i should've known!

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