Saturday, May 2, 2009

My first 25th Birthday!

Before I begin, let me tell you why I titled my blog as "My First 25th Bday"- because when I turn 50, I am going to celebrate my Second 25th Bday! (Duh).
Well, let me begin by saying that the 25th Bday was one of my most memorable birthday's yet! Sorry Ma and Pa, I know you have done a lot for me on my bdays, but what the wife did will stay in my working memory and long term memory forever! (you cant blame me if I dont remember my yesteryear bdays- now there's a thought for philosophers....).

Anyway, I woke up on the 24th of April, feeling happy in my heart that it was the Master Blaster's bday and I wished him a very happy birthday. My friend Kunal was supposed to go and visit his roommate from Ohio at Goldsboro at noon or so. My friend Kiran came home and told me that it would be better idea for us to go out and eat, because he didnt feel like cooking. (Wierd- coz Kiran doesnt eat outside!).

So the time was 1.30p and I was getting hungry as a horse. So I decided to eat Chole and bread and meanwhile Kunal calls me and tells me that his car has broken down so he wont be able to go to Goldsboro. He too mentioned that we go and eat at Lemon Grass Thai restaurant. I said sure. (Kunal likes to eat a lot outside!).

So off we go, Kiran, Shariq and me in Kiran's car to Lemon Grass. We are about to reach there and Kunal calls me up to ask me where we are and shows special interest in the route we are taking. ( Now i am starting to get irritated by him and I may have even cursed him a bit). He then calls Kiran and talks something to him (which again is wierd because that usually doesnt happen).

So we reach Lemon Grass and I find Kunal in there, sitting all by himself. I go sit next to him and am thinking about what to order. A minute passes and I look to my right and there she was- the wife!!! She was sitting right next to me!!! I didnt recognize her for a second and then it struck me so hard that my mouth stayed open for like 2 minutes before I realized that it was true. For a minute I felt that my hallucinations have returned! (just kidding..) She had a great new hairstyle and looked as pretty as an angel (in a yellow top and a hairband!).

So the wife takes me out in the evening to the Goose Park by the pond and we talk for like 2 hours. Around 8.30 we come back home and I start getting suspicious once again because I see a white van in the parking lot and the blinds to our apartments closed. I knew she was up to something. So we walk in and there they are- all my friends from Greenville standing right in our living room yelling "Surpriseeeeeeee!!!!". It was a great feeling. It truly was. More than anything else, I was amazed at the fact that the wife was able to arrange the whole thing being 1200 miles apart! I have to commend this girl- she is a fine woman!!!

I wanted to write this post in plain, simple English only because that's how pure the memory is. I visualize it unfolding before my eyes every single day and I cannot thank my wife enough for making my 25th bday such a special one. I always complained that my wife never gave me a surprise- but not anymore!

I just hope that I can live up to her expectations as a boyfriend and a husband....Thank you once again for an awesome bday. You are amazing and I love you crazy!



Aditi..............:) said...

Thats a sweet wife you have there!! Good to know that I have a blogger friend whom I know since school :P
keep writing!! :)

Apparently intellectual said...

you both look really cute together.
but dont u live together? :O

Yams said...

superrr dupperr cute!!
you guys are just so perfect together..God bless! :)
miss u loadsss!!

N I K S said...

You have narrated the whole incident in a nice way, almost like taking the reader through the journey of your emotions....keep writing.
And BTW, congratulations to you two. God bless you both.

Pooja Ramesh said...

10 months and 7 days later....the incident in this blog post is as exciting and fresh as ever! It was one fantastic surprise.

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