Monday, March 22, 2010

What I have learned from Donut.....

July 6th, 2009 was an eventful day- it was our first wedding anniversary. It was the day I got Donut as a gift to Purnima and it was also the day my life offered me a companion in the form of a cute little puppy. In a span of 10 months I have watched Donut grow from a tiny little puppy to a brave little dog! In these 10 months, I learned a lot from this awesome little friend of mine, an awful lot. Without using words, this bundle of fur gave me an insight into myself as well as a change of outlook towards things around me. So let me give it straight up and that too in bullet points!
  • You can be satisfied with only a few things in life and be perfectly happy with them. Give those few of your "belongings" all the love and affection you can and they soon become family!
  • Learn to grow things around you, it makes you responsible and it builds a virtue called Patience.
  • You learn to put others needs before yourself.
  • You understand your attitude towards destruction and you learn to change it- you begin with anger and frustration and then you eventually move onto control and composure in face of debris.
  • Sometimes sitting out on the patio and staring outside counts as a perfectly well-utilized day.
  • Its important to have a place where you wait to go all day and when you reach there you are happy beyond your god-alone-knows-what's-going-on-in-that brain's understanding!!
  • You can't get along with everyone- some of them are just angry dogs who bite!!
  • Unconditional love is something that comes from within, you just can't fake it.
  • Food is anything that fills your stomach and makes you smack your lips- along with everything else that can be put in your mouth (just kidding)...
  • Keeping your mind clear brings a great night's sleep. Seriously.