Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Modern day Neanderthal and his Subscription.

It is the reality of every era- "Modern" society has been modern since the beginning of time. Every era that passes by, looks at itself as the modern era of its time ( I hope this is making sense). But what hasn't really changed over these eras, is how men think. From the ancient times of Julius Cesar to the present times of Nicolas Sarkozy, men have constantly fought to attain power, wealth and above all beautiful women. So if we take a moment and think about it, given the fact that technology around us has evolved and life seems so much more "better", at heart we are still Neanderthals- albeit, Modern Day Neanderthals!

That's ok though. This year marked the 200th Anniversary of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. We are still in the micro-processing path of the human evolution. Man hasn't evolved any further in the true sense as a species, but technology has evolved at an exponential speed. However, even in these days of Twitter and Facebook, one of the things that makes me feel good to be a Modern day Man is a monthly magazine called -"Esquire". Here's a shout out to guys who may be reading this- go ahead and subscribe to this magazine. It is a bit gay, I admit (no offense), but some articles in the magazine truly give you the essence of being a guy. Guys do a lot of things that guys do, but they never realize that what they do is so peculiar to the male species! And it doesn't hurt to take a moment and be proud of the fact that Men are truly better at those things than women. I dont wish to come across as a sexist- but come on, sometimes its okay to bask in the Glory of the Gender!

Let's admit it. Not a lot of guys out there are an epitome of style statement. Neither am I. But guys, if you want to really "understand" the art of clothing yourself, this is the magazine you have got to read. The ensembles that are published are immaculate in their sense of style and it makes you feel like doing something great just by looking at it. I like to dress well and look great- that's just who I am, but it goes further beyond looking great. We are in a world where personality defines success. But what defines personality is clothing. It isn't important to wear branded stuff, it truly isnt. What is important is how you carry yourself in your clothes and show you put up for your audience. So next time you have a job interview, don't just put on a white shirt or a light blue shirt with black pants and a bright neck-tie. Put something that will make "you" feel good, because when you feel good about yourself, the world feels good about you. Invest in some awesome pieces of clothing which can transform you from a casual galli-ka-lukkha to goodlooking lass. Feel like a Man and conquer the goddamn world that you live in!

Note- The women they "cover" in the magazine are absofreakinlutely breathtaking!!
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Yams said...

"absofreakinlutely breathtaking!!" - must be reaaly something, considering that you have coined such a word which took me some time to decipher!

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