Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thinking about the inevitable.

By inevitable- I mean "old age". Death, according to what I believe (and what several others may believe) is simply a transition from one state of "being" to another. I am not really afraid of death, as such, but it sure gives me the creeps when I dwell over it. What is more scary is the fact that in a few years we are going to get OLD. Ofcourse, some will say that feeling OLD is just a state of mind, like feeling happy. But over the years I have come to realize that being old is not a state of mind, but a state of reality. Its not until you are old that you realize you are OLD.

So here I am 25 years Old, married to a wonderful and a compassionate woman who loves me more than anything else in the world. Things are moving in a steady state of motion. However, I dont know if I have truly "achieved" anything in my life so far. I do know that whatever it is that I need to achieve has to be in the next 20 to 25 years. In the modern world, even though medicine and technology have become Uber-ultra-cool, there is still "that" aspect of Life that we haven't YET conquered. I am sure we wont, ever. But the point is, whatever we have to do, we must do in these years. Its heartbreaking to watch old folks work the graveyard shifts at Walmart greeting people at the age of 75, when in the ideal world, they are the ones who should be greeted.

I was recently calculating how much money I would need to save before I retire at the age of 65. This was the answer I got: If the market continues to stay stable (huh?)- $4,638, 567 - should suffice! Are you serious?? That, I think is incredible. The question now is what if it isnt enough? Our generation has been raised by well-read, educated and cultured parents. The only solution that I can think out of this is to raise our kids the same way we were raised and hope that they take care of us in our old age. Really? Can we really expect the coming generations to be connected to their parents as much as we are connected to ours? Maybe the only way in which children will communicate with their parents in the coming years, will be through " A new way to talk to your offsprings. You teach them to type, we will take care of the rest!"

So anybody out there who is reading this, dont be afraid. There is one thing that you can most certainly do- of the $4,638, 567 that you will save till the time you are 65, invest some money in purchasing a house in the rural areas of your motherland. And when you retire, leave your agonies of the struggling world behind and move into a place that needs your wisdom. Because, even though Life may have taken its toll on those lean muscles of yours, it has most certainly given you ample wisdom to transform a village into a pot of gold.

To old age. To wisdom.


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