Friday, July 31, 2009

The spark plug of your mind.

This post could go in any direction you want- religious, spiritual, scientific or philosophical. However, I want this post to go in a logical way. I want it to go in a way that would entice its readers to scratch their minds and ponder about it. I want this post to generate a spark in the "minds" of its readers, because in all honesty, no one knows where the spark plug of your mind is?

I read one of the several forwards that Purnima -my wiser half- gets on her emails. This forward speaks of Buddha and one of his disciples. The story goes that Buddha asks one of his disciples to get him a bowl of water from a nearby pond. The disciples reaches the pond only to find that the water is muddy as a lot of other people are using the water to clean their cattle, wash their hands and everything else that a human could do in the olden days ( now remember this is Buddha-times we are talking about). So the disciple decides to go back to Buddha and tell him that he tried everything he could but he simple couldnt get him drinking water as it was too muddy. After an hour the "Guru" tells his disciple to go and check on the pond again. The disciple finds that the water has settled down and he gets Buddha a bowl of water. Buddha asks him, " What did you do to make the water so clean?" The disciple says " Nothing at all." That's when Buddha preaches, " Your mind is just like the pond. Let it stay for sometime and all the mud will settle itself. You wont have to do anything."

If you spared a moment after you read the story, you too like other people, have spent sleepless nights worrying about the future and its uncertainties. However, how many of us have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out a new passion in their lives? How many of us have desperately "wanted" something new in life which they could follow with immense dedication and a sense of satisfaction. I have come to realize that this desperation to "find" something is the need for a new spark plug of your mind. If we are to relate our brains to an electic generator, then there is definitely a spark plug that needs to exist!

Presently, my spark plug isnt working. So if any of you out there have anything new or interesting that you think I should pursue or give a chance, please let me know. I am in need of an intellectual, spiritual and a satisfying experience and a passion to put a smile on my face everytime I think about it. So if any of you know of something, pass it on. You can be my spark plug for a while!!!